My Day at Manchester Metropolitan University

By Jake Shawcross

On Thursday 26th March I spent half of my day at Manchester Metropolitan University. I enjoyed being here and seeing new things and meeting new people. The university gave us a free lunch which was enjoyable as the squad had a laugh.

Today I discovered that things such as football boot prototypes are made by a 3D machine. They are made to perfect spec so that companies such as Nike or Adidas can come and see what the new shoes will look like and feel like in person.

Yesterday we played in a fixture vs Macclesfield Town FC. We won 9-1, I only played 10-15 minutes but I was very delighted for the squad. Our recent performances have shown we are good enough to make it in the football industry. Players that are here now have been knocked down by professional clubs and been told they are not good enough. The players are showing them that they are wrong and with the right mentality and coaching we can all improve and make it in life.

I love being on the end of a great win such as yesterday, we deserved every minute of it and played some great football. It was disappointing that we conceded in the last few minutes but we must take what happened and improve in training and our next games.

We have a chance of winning the league if we win all of our games left. We are into the quarter finals of the cup so we must go on as we have been playing.

In the future I would love to become a professional footballer as it has been a childhood dream. I was a late developer and always learning week in week out. I love to train and get game time for my youth team and u21′s team. Playing for the reserves will help me become a better player as it is more physical because of the men that are older.

I hope my future is bright and I become better as soon as possible so I can make it in the game.

FC United of Manchester

By Ben Jupp

FC United, of Manchester, is a fan owned club in its building stages as a club looking to establish themselves in the English game. For the first time in the club’s existence they have a youth team full of aspiring players looking to make their way into the FC United first team in the coming years.

They are currently in the Northern Premier League where they currently sit top of the league with 8 games left and 7 points ahead of the team currently in second. The club as a whole is looking for multiple success as the First team are top of the league and the reserve team is top of their league. The youth team, after a difficult start to the season, now sit in 2nd place, 3 points behind the team on top and on a good roll having won the last 5 games and are in the quarter final of the county cup playing Bolton college next week.

Finally there is the Women’s team who have also been on a role of late as they won a previous game 24-0 and won a top of the table battle against Heyside.

Pat Barrett Interview

By Thomas McDonagh

On Wednesday 25th March I went to Collyhurst and Moston boxing gym to interview Pat Barrett about how he got involved in boxing and how he is still involved in boxing after retirement.

Pat started boxing at 17 and went up to Collyhurst and Moston where he was trained by Brian Hughes. After a troubled start in life, Pat turned his life around. He joined Collyhurst and Moston and started training. He turned professional four years later at 21. He won the European title, Light welterweight title and boxed for the world title but narrowly lost on points.

After a good boxing career Pat started to train his own boxers and now he promotes his fighters. He is looking to turn his boxers in to future world champions. When he was boxing professionally, Pat had to travel all around the country to get fights. Now he is a promoter he is putting on his own shows to get fights for hes upcoming boxers.

“I’m not a promoter, I’m a trainer who took out a promoter’s licence to get fights for his kids,” said Pat when asked about his latest venture.

“Listen, we all have to remember why we do this. Nobody owns boxing, we are products of it and of the people who went before us, but none of us are here forever. We’ve got a duty to the game to leave it in a better state than we found it in. We need to bring the love back into the sport.”

After meeting Pat and speaking to him, I have got no doubt he will have a bright future in promoting and will always remain a part of boxing.

FC United of Manchester

By Zac Cooper

There are 4 different sections to FC United of Manchester. We have the youth team which is between the age group of 16-19 years old. We have the reserve team which is a step higher from the youth team and normally holds players between the age of 19-22. Finally we have the first team which is the highest level possible, where dreams are created and legends are made. We also have a girls team which is open age – this enthisises the depth of the club as anyone is welcome to join the family of FC United!

FC United is a fan based club which means the fans own the club and fund them with there facilities and basic needs. Our team is known for the biggest fan base in the lower league history, taking a staggering average of 2000 fans to semi pro games at home.

Respect is gained through the ranks of FC United. Whether you play for the first team or the youth team everyone is treated with the same respect. No one gets left behind. Players are encouraged to conduct themselves with a respectable manner on and off the pitch to make the reputation of the club even higher than it already is.

Kicking off Stage 2

Having nearly completed all our mini films and feeling fairly confident about our filming and editing skills, now it’s time to move onto Stage 2 of the project, where we have to investigate a little bit of the history of our passion and interview older people who share the same passion as us. That should be easy… everyone loves football, right?

Tonight was great, we went to train with the first team and started interviewing them as part of our heritage research. Some of us were doing short interviews for the Talking Passions page of this website. Whilst others were doing initial interviews that might be used in our final piece, we are just exploring that at the moment. It was a great opportunity and kick-started Stage 2 of the project in a really positive way.

Getting going with Stage 2

After completing all of our mini films and feeling very confident about our filming and editing skills, now it’s time to move onto Stage 2 of the Passions project – where we have to investigate a little bit of the history of our passion and interview older people who share the same passion as us. That should be easy… everyone loves Boxing, right?

The lads started by interviewing one of the elder statesmen of the Collyhurst and Moston club, Brian, who has had an over 30 years of involvement with the club.

Finished films, take a look…

The young men have completed their mini-films. They were asked to create a short biopics/mini-film, no more than a minute long that said something about themselves, their passion for boxing and what they think they get out of it. Every aspect of these films they have done themselves, from filming to writing to action and editing; a really impressive achievement in a few short weeks. Here’s a selection: