FC United of Manchester

By Zac Cooper

There are 4 different sections to FC United of Manchester. We have the youth team which is between the age group of 16-19 years old. We have the reserve team which is a step higher from the youth team and normally holds players between the age of 19-22. Finally we have the first team which is the highest level possible, where dreams are created and legends are made. We also have a girls team which is open age – this enthisises the depth of the club as anyone is welcome to join the family of FC United!

FC United is a fan based club which means the fans own the club and fund them with there facilities and basic needs. Our team is known for the biggest fan base in the lower league history, taking a staggering average of 2000 fans to semi pro games at home.

Respect is gained through the ranks of FC United. Whether you play for the first team or the youth team everyone is treated with the same respect. No one gets left behind. Players are encouraged to conduct themselves with a respectable manner on and off the pitch to make the reputation of the club even higher than it already is.