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Professor Melanie Tebbutt

Who Am I?

I’m Professor of Youth History at Manchester Metropolitan University. I’ve been involved in several history-based community engagement projects with local communities in North West England, all of which emphasise the importance of participants telling their own stories. 

Returning Home

Returning Home, the latest of these community-based projects, is encouraging participants and their families to explore creatively and historically childhood experiences of health holidays spent with foster families in Switzerland after the Second World War.

Returning Home will be evolving over the next few months as we work with families and collect new stories and material, so keep checking in to see what we’re up to.

Our team

Melanie Tebbutt: Project lead. Professor of Youth History at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Sue Reddish: Creative Lead. Sue is a freelance theatre maker, digital storyteller and arts consultant.
Jim Dalziel: Community film maker.
Marion Hewitt: Director of the North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University. 


If you are interested in our research and creative work, or have stories to share, please do get in touch. We would love  to hear from you!

Professor Melanie Tebbutt
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