Postcards from the Past

‘Postcards from the Past’ is a series of postcard conversations based on family memories and imaginings about the ‘delicate’ children who, in 1948, travelled from Manchester and Salford to  Switzerland to stay for three months with Swiss families to improve their health. 

Inspired by the postcards that many Swiss hosts sent back to the children’s families in Manchester and Salford, ‘Postcards’ illustrates how personal stories ripple across the generations in ways that connect us not only to the past but the future.

Christmas card from Switzerland to Richard Larkin

A group of ‘the ‘delicate’ children who are now in their seventies and eighties are sharing family stories and memories in the form of postcards to celebrate their experiences, tell their family stories across the generations and think about how younger family members would feel if similar experiences were to happen to them now.

The first phase of the project has been to send out the postcards, whose replies will be published on the website. 

Talking, Listening, Connecting

Sharing Family Stories

Becoming part of Manchester and Salford’s Histories

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