Salford Young Fathers Project

This Project, which was set up in February 05, works with young fathers, who are under 24 years old and living in the Salford area. The Project hopes to address the historical lack of provision available to young fathers who want to play a part in bringing up their children. Research has shown that young fathers are significantly disadvantaged in many areas of their lives.

The Project aims to compliment the work of the Teenage Pregnancy Team, by providing young fathers with appropriate support, confidence, knowledge and skills, to enable young men to play as active a role as possible, in supporting their partner during pregnancy, and in bringing up their child or children effectively.

Young fathers, fathers to be and young men who are acting as fathers in a family unit, can access a wide range of support and informal learning opportunities through the Project. The work varies from 1 to 1 interventions, through bespoke pieces of work with individuals and couples around a variety of subjects, to young parents groups, and fathers and children’s trips out. Young father’s can choose the level at which they participate in the Project, with the work and involvement with young men being tailored to suit their varying and different needs, and the needs of the child or children in the family unit that they are part of.

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