Hooked on fishing

We made several short films to illustrate what young men get out of their hobbies and how these activities can help build confidence and self-belief. 

The following film was made with young people and adults who are passionate about fishing on the ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ youth programme at Bradshaw Hall Fisheries, Bolton, part of a national charity called ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’. 


The ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ charity recognises the positive benefits of getting involved in activities you enjoy.to children, young people, families and communities and uses fishing as a medium through which to develop young people’s confidence and personal and social skills. Its coaches and peer mentors support  fun, interactive interactive sessions across the UK, with knock-on effects which often include better engagement with schools and communities.

If you want to know more about the ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ charity, link here to its website: