A Rocky Start

19 November 2014

The first session at Collyhurst and Moston Boxing Club: the lads were a little nervous but Jim and Sue who are working with them said it couldn’t be as bad as facing an opponent in the ring… they weren’t sure!

Unsurprisingly the Boxers identified the Rocky films as the most iconic series of films about Boxing. Sue managed to bring the whole gym to a complete silent standstill when she sheepishly admitted that she had never seen any of them. She was sent home to watch Rocky one – she may be here with Jim to teach the lads about film making but education works both ways and she has to watch Rocky as her homework!

Tommy (the Coach) and Jack both said that they also really liked ‘The Champ’ but guaranteed there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house if you watch it .

We were discussing films about boxing because we were looking at the different types of shots you can use to help tell your story – from long shot to close up. The image above is an example we identified as a long shot – helping to set the scene and locate the character within his environment… does this shot say this man is king of all he surveys, on top of the world? We think so.

Here we’re getting to grips with the cameras, comparing hand held with using a tripod and seeing the difference this makes.

We even interviewed the coach – the famous Tommy McDonagh. We liked the raw fluid effect of the hand held camera but recognised that using a tripod does make the film look more professional and less wobbly!

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