My Day at Manchester Metropolitan University

By Jake Shawcross

On Thursday 26th March I spent half of my day at Manchester Metropolitan University. I enjoyed being here and seeing new things and meeting new people. The university gave us a free lunch which was enjoyable as the squad had a laugh.

Today I discovered that things such as football boot prototypes are made by a 3D machine. They are made to perfect spec so that companies such as Nike or Adidas can come and see what the new shoes will look like and feel like in person.

Yesterday we played in a fixture vs Macclesfield Town FC. We won 9-1, I only played 10-15 minutes but I was very delighted for the squad. Our recent performances have shown we are good enough to make it in the football industry. Players that are here now have been knocked down by professional clubs and been told they are not good enough. The players are showing them that they are wrong and with the right mentality and coaching we can all improve and make it in life.

I love being on the end of a great win such as yesterday, we deserved every minute of it and played some great football. It was disappointing that we conceded in the last few minutes but we must take what happened and improve in training and our next games.

We have a chance of winning the league if we win all of our games left. We are into the quarter finals of the cup so we must go on as we have been playing.

In the future I would love to become a professional footballer as it has been a childhood dream. I was a late developer and always learning week in week out. I love to train and get game time for my youth team and u21′s team. Playing for the reserves will help me become a better player as it is more physical because of the men that are older.

I hope my future is bright and I become better as soon as possible so I can make it in the game.