Manchester Metropolitan University

By Jack Tinning

On Thursday 26th March 2015, I came to Manchester Metropolitan University to further my education about the history of my sport. The first part of the session was all about the history of my sport; what sport used to be like and how things have changed. We looked at articles written about football and also looked at videos of football games from the World Cups from 50 years ago.

We were then treated to a free lunch in the Geoffrey Manton building canteen. The food was enjoyable and a friendly atmosphere.

After lunch, we then moved on to ‘The Shed’ where we learnt about the different ways that business people and designers come together to make a perfect idea. This comes from people intergrating their imaginative sides that are creative and also intelligent to make things work.

The most exciting thing about the day was learning about 3D printing. We were shown how designers come to these 3D printing designers with their ideas and prototypes. Then a they make a real exact prototype of their product. For example, Nike could come to a 3D printing designer with a product and get them to make it to show the company what it would look like properly and give them an idea of how the item will look to its exact dimensions.