Filming begins

Work on the mini films starts in earnest. Each person having written their own piece, they then had to work in small teams to become film crews for each other’s’ pieces. The roles in our film crew are: Camera Operator, Sound Operator and Director – as well as the ‘talent’, of course, in front of camera; some people made natural Directors.


Alex Lawler joined Jim as our other artist on the project. Alex is an ex footballer and now an actor and filmmaker, he was in ‘Mike Bassett: England Manager’, lucky we had already said it was one of our favourite football films!


Team bonding


A physical team bonding event… gave us the opportunity to work off all the food from the party the day before! Here’s Jake and Zak leading the way.

Here’s the team lifting up Paul and Chucks the coaches…careful not to drop them!

We even all survived the climbing and high ropes work – easy!


Storyboards & seasonal attire

The session was on the same day as the Christmas party and everyone was sporting very tasteful seasonal attire!


Writing storyboards for individual mini films was a chance for the group to put the new film making skills into practice. Everyone is making a one minute film, introducing ourselves and saying something about why football is important to us…..but first the Christmas buffet!


Footballers’ first session


Our first session, on 4th December 2014,  with the FC Utd Football group: we discussed football, film and the project! Their favourite films about football were…..


ffs2 ffs3 ffs4


which they said demonstrates that they are up for a laugh, prepared to work hard and come back fighting! All great characteristics that we will need for the project too!


We used some basic drama games to start to look at the importance of body language and how to present yourself in front of the camera, and it was a great way to start to get to know everyone.