Films of the Returners

Barbara Gore Interview

Barbara Gore (now Whitlow) with her family at the 70th anniversary of the ‘Returning Home’ film, June 2018

Barbara and fellow Returners, June 2018
Richard Larkin Interview

Richard Larkin with his family at the 70th anniversary showing of the ‘Returning Home’ film, June 2018

Kenneth Kirkbride Interview

Memento collage of Ken’s visit to Switzerland in 1948

Ken’s family tree in photos
Ken with his future wife, Anne, while they were courting, 1966
Ken and Anne on their silver wedding anniversary
Ken with his daughter Joanne and son-in-law Neil, after his interview in 2020
Vincent Gorman Interview
Vince and his wife, Therise, after Vince’s interview in 2020
Maureen Fishwick Interview
Maureen being interviewed in 2018

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