Len Johnson ‘Fighter’ – King’s Arms Theatre, Salford

After finding out about Len Johnson at the Working Class Movement Library in the last session, this week we went to see a play about him at the King’s Arms Theatre.
They play covered aspects of Johnson’s life and work as a boxer and political activist.
Because of the colour bar in Britain at the time, Len was never allowed to fight for an official title.

Len Johnson Archive

This week we visited the Working Class Movement Library (WCML) in Salford, to find out about Manchester boxer a political activist, Len Johnson.

Jason Roche, an Historian at MMU, and ex-amateur boxer and boxing coach, also went along to find out more.

The group found a lot of interesting photographs of Johnson, and they also found out more about travelling boxing booths, which Len used to fight in, and which are an important part of boxing history.

We’ll be thinking about how to use some of this information in our films in future sessions.