First Black Heavyweight Champion of the World

By Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson was the first black heavyweight champion of the world. He was American and he was born in 1878. He had his first professional boxing fight in 1898.

Throughout his career, Johnson began to build a unique fighting style of his own which was not customary to boxing during this time. Though Johnson would typically fight first, he would defensively fight. Johnson’s efforts to win the world heavyweight title were thwarted, as world heavyweight champion James J. Jeffries refused to face him then.

Black boxers could meet white boxers in other competitions but not for the world heavyweight championship. Johnson eventually won the world heavyweight title in 1908.

Jack wants to be a professional boxer and is just about to start a scaffolding course.

MMU Visit

By Frank McDonagh

Thursday 26th March the Passions of Youth project came to the Manchester Metropolitan University to come and look at some of the activities the students get up to.

The day started with researching some videos to do with the sports some of the students were into for example football and boxing. This was followed by a tour of ‘The Shed’ to see the equipment students use in the media centre.

They we went to the 3D printing room where they showed the students the possibilities of what they can build – For example, football boots designed to fit the footballers feet perfectly.

Finally the day ended with the blog in workshop which is actually where I wrote this review.

Overall I enjoyed the visit and was interested in the 3D printing as that is something that is probably going to become more common in all sports across the world.

Frank does boxing at Collyhurst and Moston Boxing Club..

Kicking off Stage 2

Having nearly completed all our mini films and feeling fairly confident about our filming and editing skills, now it’s time to move onto Stage 2 of the project, where we have to investigate a little bit of the history of our passion and interview older people who share the same passion as us. That should be easy… everyone loves football, right?

Tonight was great, we went to train with the first team and started interviewing them as part of our heritage research. Some of us were doing short interviews for the Talking Passions page of this website. Whilst others were doing initial interviews that might be used in our final piece, we are just exploring that at the moment. It was a great opportunity and kick-started Stage 2 of the project in a really positive way.

Boxer Biopics

We invited the young men to plan, design and film their own mini biopic, telling the story of how they found their leisure passion.
They storyboarded their ideas, and received training on how to operate a camera and sound equipment.

You can view their stories below.